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Andri Daulay

Andri-DaulayAndri-Daulay-logoAndri Daulay is a Licensed NLP Trainer, Life Coach and Public Speaker in the area of NLP, Leadership, Personal Development, Sales and Human Resource Management. Currently Andri Daulay Manage NLP Leaders Indonesia and Indonesia's Approved Coach for The Mind Gym. He is also Senior Facilitator for some well-known training provider in Indonesia such as Business First international, RedIndo and Markshare. Previously he worked at several multinational companies such as Rabobank International Indonesia, First Media, CAS Consulting Indonesia, Institute for Leadership & Life Management, Allianz Life Indonesia and John Hancock Financial Indonesia. These successful career experiences help Andri developed his training material and approach to be more suitable to the real working situation and also more applicable as well. Andri took his undergraduate studies in the field of Management at Andalas University and hold a Magister Management degree from Padjadjaran University. Andri also hold Licensed NLP Trainer from Society of NLP, Orlando and a Certified Consultant Hypnotist from NGH, USA. He is also the first Approved Coach from The Mind Gym in Indonesia.

Some praise on Andri Daulay's work:

  • "A great trainer, motivator, a teacher with in-depth knowledge in human and organizational development. He's able to transform the complex idea into the simple word. Andri is a great team player who has an outstanding managerial and the ability to quickly adapt in any difficult changing situation." - Mesagus Azhari, CDCS, CITF, Head of Central Operations Assets, Rabobank International.
  • "Andri is a great motivational speaker. He succeeded in setting up and delivering on facilitating a two days workshop. It shows a great experience he's had and his professionalism. I would highly recommend him to any organization which requires an expert in learning and development related to achieve its corporate strategy." - Alfred Haryono, VP - Head of PMO & BPR, Rabobank International
  • "Andri is a brilliant trainer, a fantastic human being and a great interpersonal manager. I had a 3-year association with him, where we were working to address training issues in some of the large companies of Indonesia. Throughout this time Andri was the bedrock of our relationships where he supported us completely and worked to build a formidable reputation for Middle earth and CAS consulting. He has a great insight into the entire training process. He is a fun loving person who is great to hang out with, my recent trips have not been half as fun without him" - Nitin Sanker, Managing Director, Middle Earth Consultants.
  • "Andri completely organized an international conference on Crisis Communications and Media Response Training for clients in major corporations, industries and professions. I'm always impressed with his detailed work, his professional ethics and the easy manner in which he accomplishes major tasks and all with superior people skills. His energy is boundless." - Richard Brundage, President, Center for Advanced Media Studies


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